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Many of the fundamental processes powering our Universe can be explained to high precision by the Standard Model (SM) of Particle Physics. However, the SM cannot be a complete description of nature, as it completely fails to offer any explanation for several striking phenomena. Solutions to such problems usually require the introduction of new particles, including unknown matter or unknown force carriers, labelled as Beyond the SM (BSM) physics. In fact, as much as 95 percent of the energy-matter content of the Universe is expected to be BSM. I specialize in the ubiquitous yet mysterious matter contribution to the Universe, dark matter (DM), and its interplay with other BSM physics. DM leaves fingerprints throughout space and time, but has still not revealed its fundamental particle nature. My work to expose its identity spans a large fraction of DM research arenas, including proposed searches for BSM physics at particle colliders, theoretical model building, and searches for BSM particles in astrophysical and cosmological settings, including the early Universe, the Milky Way and other galaxies, neutron stars, kilonovae, and the Sun. My breadth of experience in DM allows me to make connections among these unique environments, and identify the important interplay with many areas of BSM physics.

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14.  Cooking Pasta with Dark Matter: Kinetic and Annihilation Heating of Neutron Star Crusts,
J. Acevedo, J. Bramante, R. K. Leane*, N. Raj
MIT-CTP/5152 [arXiv: 1911.06334 [hep-ph]].

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13.  Dark Matter Strikes Back at the Galactic Center,
R. K. Leane and T. R. Slatyer
Accepted in PRL, MIT-CTP/5104 [arXiv: 1904.08430 [astro-ph.HE]].
Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion

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12.  The Sun at GeV-TeV Energies: A New Laboratory for Astroparticle Physics,
M. Un Nisa, J. F. Beacom, S. Y. BenZvi, R. K. Leane, T. Linden, K. C.Y. Ng, A. H.G. Peter, B. Zhou
Astro2020 Science White Paper [arXiv:1903.06349 [astro-ph.HE]].

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11.  Constraints on Spin-Dependent Dark Matter Scattering with Long-Lived Mediators from TeV Observations of the Sun with HAWC,
HAWC Collaboration and J. F. Beacom, R. K. Leane*, T. Linden, K. C.Y. Ng, A. Peter, B. Zhou,
Phys. Rev. D 98 (2018), 123012, MIT-CTP/5038 [arXiv: 1808.05624 [hep-ph]].

10.  First HAWC Observations of the Sun Constrain Steady TeV Gamma-Ray Emission,
HAWC Collaboration and J. F. Beacom, R. K. Leane*, T. Linden, K. C.Y. Ng, A. Peter, B. Zhou,
Phys. Rev. D 98 (2018), 123011, MIT-CTP/5037 [arXiv: 1808.05620 [astro-ph.HE]].

9.  GeV-Scale Thermal WIMPs: Not Even Slightly Dead,
R. K. Leane, T. R. Slatyer, J. F. Beacom, K. C.Y. Ng,
Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) no.2, 023016, MIT-CTP/5020 [arXiv: 1805.10305 [hep-ph]].

8.  Enhancing Dark Matter Annihilation Rates with Dark Bremsstrahlung,
N. F. Bell, Y. Cai, J. B. Dent, R. K. Leane*, T. J. Weiler
Phys. Rev. D96 (2017) no. 2, 023011 [arXiv: 1705.01105 [hep-ph]].

7.  Powerful Solar Signatures of Long-Lived Dark Mediators,
R. K. Leane, K. C.Y. Ng, J. F. Beacom
Phys. Rev. D95 (2017) no. 12, 123016 [arXiv: 1703.04629 [astro-ph.HE]].

6.  Impact of Mass Generation for Simplified Dark Matter Models,
N. F. Bell, Y. Cai, R. K. Leane*
JCAP 01 (2017) 039 [arXiv: 1610.03063 [hep-ph]].

5.  Dark Forces in the Sky: Signals from Z' and the Dark Higgs,
N. F. Bell, Y. Cai, R. K. Leane*
JCAP 08 (2016) 001 [arXiv: 1605.09382 [hep-ph]].

4.  Mono-W Dark Matter Signals at the LHC: Simplified Model Analysis,
N. F. Bell, Y. Cai, R. K. Leane*
JCAP 01 (2016) 051 [arXiv: 1512.00476 [hep-ph]].

3.  Dark matter at the LHC: Effective field theories and gauge invariance,
N. F. Bell, Y. Cai, J. B. Dent, R. K. Leane*, T. J. Weiler
Phys. Rev. D92, no. 5, 053008 (2015) [arXiv:1503.07874 [hep-ph]].

2.  Leptophilic dark matter with Z' interactions,
N. F. Bell, Y. Cai, R. K. Leane*, A. D. Medina
Phys. Rev. D 90, no. 3, 035027 (2014) [arXiv:1407.3001 [hep-ph]].

1.  Les Houches 2011: Physics at TeV Colliders New Physics Working Group Report,
G. Brooijmans et al, (2012) [arXiv:1203.1488 [hep-ph]].
(Note: Contribution 1, “DLHA: Dark Matter Les Houches Agreement”, is heavily based on my bachelor thesis.)

Phenomenology of Particle Dark Matter,
R. K. Leane, Ph.D. Thesis, School of Physics, University of Melbourne (2017).

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT.

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