Rebecca K. Leane
MIT Center for Theoretical Physics

Dark Interactions in Neutron Stars

New Physics Searches with the Sun

Galactic Center GeV Excess

Dark Matter Model Building

I am based at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I can otherwise be tracked below.



23-25rd October 2019
Menlo Park, USA


1-3rd October 2019
College Station TX, USA
Texas A&M


13-16th August 2019
Seattle WA, USA
DM@LHC 2019


24-27th June 2019
Waterloo ON, Canada
Perimeter Institute


26 May-16th June 2019
Aspen CO, USA
Aspen Center for Physics


15-19th April 2019
Chicago IL, USA
U. Chicago/KICP + Fermilab


4th April 2019
Providence RI, USA
Brown U.


11th March 2019
Batavia IL, USA


7th March 2019
Waltham MA, USA
Brandeis U.


18th Feb - 1 Mar 2019
Princeton NJ, USA


5-8 February 2019
Vancouver BC, Canada
TRIUMF Dark Matter Workshop



Dec 2018
Melbourne, Australia
U. Melbourne


Oct 8th - Oct 9th 2018
Odense, Denmark


Sep 24th - Oct 7th 2018
Hamburg, Germany
DESY (incl DESY Theory Workshop)


August 27th - Sep 12th 2018
Melbourne, Australia
U. Melbourne


July 23-27th 2018
Providence RI, USA
Identification of Dark Matter Conference (IDM) 2018


June 4-8th 2018
Cleveland OH, USA
Particles, Strings and Cosmology Conference (PASCOS) 2018


May 6-9th 2018
Pittsburgh PA, USA
Phenomenology Symposium (Pheno) 2018


April 27-30th 2018
Pasadena CA, USA


April 24-27th 2018
Berkeley, CA, USA


April 10-13th 2018
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
U. Michigan LCTP


April 5th 2018
Hanover, NH, USA
U. Dartmouth


January 2018
Melbourne, Australia
U. Melbourne

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT.

Center for Theoretical Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, 6C-405
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA