Rebecca K. Leane

I am based at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I can otherwise be tracked below.



13-16th August 2019
Seattle WA, USA
DM@LHC 2019


24-27th June 2019
Waterloo ON, Canada
Perimeter Institute


26 May-16th June 2019
Aspen CO, USA
Aspen Center for Physics


15-19th April 2019
Chicago IL, USA
U. Chicago/KICP + Fermilab


4th April 2019
Providence RI, USA
Brown U.


11th March 2019
Batavia IL, USA


7th March 2019
Waltham MA, USA
Brandeis U.


18th Feb - 1 Mar 2019
Princeton NJ, USA


5-8 February 2019
Vancouver BC, Canada
TRIUMF Dark Matter Workshop



Dec 2018
Melbourne, Australia
U. Melbourne


Oct 8th - Oct 9th 2018
Odense, Denmark


Sep 24th - Oct 7th 2018
Hamburg, Germany
DESY (incl DESY Theory Workshop)


August 27th - Sep 12th 2018
Melbourne, Australia
U. Melbourne


July 23-27th 2018
Providence RI, USA
Identification of Dark Matter Conference (IDM) 2018


June 4-8th 2018
Cleveland OH, USA
Particles, Strings and Cosmology Conference (PASCOS) 2018


May 6-9th 2018
Pittsburgh PA, USA
Phenomenology Symposium (Pheno) 2018


April 27-30th 2018
Pasadena CA, USA


April 24-27th 2018
Berkeley, CA, USA


April 10-13th 2018
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
U. Michigan LCTP


April 5th 2018
Hanover, NH, USA
U. Dartmouth


January 2018
Melbourne, Australia
U. Melbourne